Kremlin Penza


Welcome to the home of Kremlin Penza, Noble Order of Muscovites. But, what’s a What’s a Muscovite?

We thank you for your interest in the Noble Order of Muscovites! But, you’re probably wondering what you’re getting yourself into.

  1. Recognize that it’s not an organization. Seriously. There are no dues or meetings to attend. Rather, it’s a social group that will gather to put on the degree and raise some money from time to time.
  2. To become a member, one must first belong to a community organization that predicates membership on having “good moral character.” Rotary? Check. Freemasonry? Check. Odd Fellows? Check. Credit Union? No check for you!
  3. We don’t haze. PERIOD. End of discussion.
  4. It’s not structured. There are no national officers. Our Charter is issued from a group in Oregon, which has been recently resurrected.We operate in the best way for us, provided that we follow the rule about who can be a member, don’t haze, and recognize other Muscovites if they want to visit.
  5. Titles are for funsies, so enjoy them. The ritual is for funsies, so enjoy it. ENJOY IT!
  6. Don’t talk about Fight Club. Wait… wrong list.


What’s with the name?

When the Muscovites were founded, they did not number their local bodies. Each local body chose their own name, which was either the same as a Russian city or territory (Kremlin Moscow), a contraction of the local area (Kremlin Sodak), or just a regional name (Kremlin Black Hills.)

Without a number, the local bodies were able to change up the traditional naming convention of fraternal bodies. Rather than being referred to as “Moscow Kremlin No. 0,” they instead chose to place the word Kremlin first, creating a unique framework all their own.

Kremlin Penza is named for the Penza Oblast, the center of which is the Russian city Penza about 400 miles south and east of Moscow. The region is known for its support of industry as well as being a regional center of higher education.